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The genesis of the Be Brave program crystallized during a community forum concerning the safety of our children, held in Las Vegas during January 2014. The gathering of local youth-oriented agencies took a twist when a dynamic young lady named Heather Doto shared the heart-rending story of having recently lost her friend to bullying. She issued a challenge for us to help end bullying, and our lives at Nevada Child Seekers were forever changed. As an agency, we are well aware that bullying has taken too many of our young people's lives, and is a prominent factor spurring our youth to run away. At that moment, Nevada Child Seekers, Symbolic Art Center and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department vowed to stand together and be a voice for victims of bullying. That summer Be Brave was born! 

To date we have held 234 assemblies and touched over 33,000 youth in Nevada. 

In March 2018 Be Brave will be presenting a workshop to the California Friday Night Live leadership conference. During this three day conference hundreds of middle school students will learn the tools they need to implement a bullying prevention campaign on their campus.  Be Brave assemblies are making an impact because they are energetic, pop-culture based and honest.  We incorporate live DJ's, dancers, motivational speakers and powerful testimonials that take attendees on a journey of hope and empowerment. 

As the premiere bullying prevention campaign in Nevada other states have taken notice and have began to implement Be Brave in their neighborhoods. 

Currently Be Brave is in Nevada and California, we are eager to add more states to our family! By reaching out to our office you will receive a TOOLKIT to help you launch a bullying prevention campaign in your community. We also offer free training and materials to get you started.


Today’s childhood bullying statistics demonstrates why the Be Brave program is so imperative, letting youth know that they have the power to seek help for issues that may cause them to run away, fall victim to a predator or harm themselves. Children regain a sense of purpose and self-worth while participating in our motivational assemblies and are encouraged to launch campus activities promoting an inclusive atmosphere.

As stated the Be Brave program is making a tremendous impact on our community’s youth. In fact, our most recent Be Brave campaign survey revealed that 98 percent of students exhibited an increase in knowledge following our presentations, and 100 percent of faculty members rated the program as a valuable educational tool.

*Anonymous Be Brave site survey results 12/2017

Workshops and Keynotes


The heart and soul of the Be Brave family consists of Nevada Child Seekers, Symbolic Art Center and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. All three agencies combined their passion, presenting an empowering, life-saving message to our children that we call Be Brave.

Our world famous collective of change makers also consists of BMX Superstar; Ricardo Laguna, on air personalities John Moug & Natalia from CBS Radio Network. Dancers from The World of Dance on NBC, Supa Cr3w, Zoologic Empire, Knucklehead Zoo, Break Ninjaz, Prodigy Dance, AteamLV & Jamheadz. 

As an award-winning bullying prevention program we are proud of the movement we have created in our young people! 

Contact us, and we can design an age appropriate Be Brave workshop, assembly or presentation that fits the needs of your school or community program today.

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